Android phone: pre-order demand outstrips supply

October 15, 2016

Pre-orders for Google’s new Android-based smartphone have been three times the level anticipated by network operator T-Mobile who is selling the phones.

1.5 million people have already placed an order for the G1 handset, which comes out later this month.

T-Mobile originally placed an order for just 500,000 handsets with handset maker HTC.

‘Supplies are limited’, the T-Mobile website says, ’so order yours today.’

The official release date for the G1 is October 22nd, although pre-orders made before October 21st are unlikely to be delivered until November 10th.

In an effort to give out the handsets as fairly as possible, T-Mobile will be prioritising orders from people who are already T-Mobile customers.

The network operator says this is a ’special thanks’ for customer loyalty.

The G1 smartphone costs $179.99 on a two year T-Mobile contract.

The change to trial Google’s new Android operating system is the phone’s main selling point.

Additional features include touch-screen interaction, 3G and Wi-Fi connectivity, a 3 megapixel camera, full QWERTY keyboard, video playback and onboard web browser.


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