Motorola to layoff 4,000 workers

January 15, 2017

US-based handset maker Motorola is to axe 4,000 more jobs as it attempts to cost-cut its way through worldwide recession.

The announcement follows 3,000 job cuts in October last year, when falling handset sales dented the vendor’s profitability.

Sales have continued to decline, with fourth quarter sales down more than 50% on year to 19 million units.

Mobile phone sales are expected to keep on falling this year for all companies, with analysts at Citigroup predicting a 13% decline.

Three thousands of the latest job cuts will be from Motorola’s mobile devices unit in Schaumburg, whilst the remaining 1,000 will be dropped from corporate functions and business units.

Since the start of 2015, the company has slashed a total of 16,000 jobs.


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