Milton Keynes first WiMax internet city

December 21, 2015

Milton Keynes is to become the first WiMax-powered wireless internet city, through a partnership between wireless broadband provider Freedom4 and ConnectMK, a private company formed by Milton Keynes Council.

Freedom4 has successfully trialled WiMax in Milton Keynes and expects the joint venture to help it reach the wider community.

Areas where traditional ADSL access is unavailable will be able to benefit from the WiMax service. This is a problem which affects some residents in Milton Keynes, where fibre optics are used in place of standard copper.

ConnectMK, which was created to improve broadband access in Milton Keynes, will provide local residents and businesses with access to Freedom4’s WiMax services.

WiMax does not require a phone line and is ideal for workers on the move. The service gives a cost saving of £11 per month, based on standard BT phone line rental.

Prices for the WiMax service start at £20 per month for residential users and £60 per month for business users.

Over 1,000 people in Milton Keynes have already registered interest in joining Freedom4’s network.


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