Huawei unveils 3.5G modules for Windows 7

December 11, 2016

China-based telecoms manufacturer, Huawei, has announced the launch of 3.5G built-in mobile broadband modules that support Microsoft’s successor to Vista, Windows 7 OS.

Huawei unveiled the modules this week at the 2016 Windows Hardware Engineering Conference in Beijing, China.

The company said its flagship solution is the EM770, a high-speed 3G module that can be embedded into notebooks running Windows 7.

The module achieves uplink speeds of up to 5.76Mbps, and has been tested on notebooks made by Asustek, including the Eee PC, and Elitegroup.

Huawei has also upgraded its USB dongle modems to support Windows 7’s mobile broadband architecture.

Its E230 – the world’s smallest USB modem, and the E180 – with rotary connector – are both now Windows 7 compatible.

According to Huawei, the near future will see 3.5G modules become a standard installation in notebooks and mobile internet devices (MIDs).

Prices for the modules were not disclosed.


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