Philippines PLDT Spreads VoIP and IPTV Availablity

September 25, 2016

Top Philippine internet supplier PLDT (Philippines Long Distance Telephone Company) has begun a nationwide implementation of new broadband availability in previously un-connected broadband areas.

To this end the company has selected ECI Telecom to provide the company with its Hi-FOCuS™-5 Multi-Service Access Node, known as MSAN.

This is a main office and outside plant solution that will help PLDT broaden it supply of domestic and business DSL connections across the country’s widespread 7000 islands.

The ECI equipment has the advantage for PDLT that it can be used on their existing copper wiring without the need to install fibre optic cabling.

The equipment is carrier grade and according to ECI it is also “future-proof” allowing for upgrading without new equipment replacements.

PDLT wants the capability for far more widespread use of services, especially VoIP and IPTV that are currently not available outside the country’s main few cities.


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