New Broadcom highly combined single chip

September 10, 2017

Broadcom Corporation, announced that it now has created the first single chip in the world that is able to provide integrated broadband access by using Gigabit Ethernet switching, VoIP for IADs, high performance ADSL2+ integrated with 802.11 WLAN, and digital enhanced cordless telecommunications.

The resulting solution now allows OEMs to reach their lowest cost, power, component count, and size and will enable service providers to use one device for voice, data, and video services, reducing installation and service costs.

This is due to the fact that the new modem eliminates burdening consumers with the cost of purchasing a wireless router, DSL modem, and a DECT cordless base station.

Even more advanced is the fact that Broadcom has been able to combine several chips into one monolithic silicon die so that the device is small and efficient with a wealth of new features for users and operators.

For example, the BCM6362 chip combines Wi-Fi and ADSL2+ technology so that both formats are supported regardless of what changes an operator may be making to a home, which should also help with the coming installation of fibre optic networks across the country.

The new developments are apparently being welcomed on the economic scene as Roth Capital analyst lifted his stock hold on Broadcom encouraging those investing in the stock market to buy now with an average price around $34 which is up from $28.64.

Broadcom greeted the news of its rising stock with an announcement that the new IPTV set box on a chip has now passed through client integration with Microsoft Mediaroom.


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