DVB-SH edges closer to commercial release

February 22, 2016

It is expected that in the near future Taiwan-based manufacturers of handsets that have developed devices supporting mobile TV, including the DVB-T and DVB-H standards, will start developing devices supporting the DVB-SH (digital video broadcasting-satellite services to handsets) standard. This is to coincide with the DVB-SH broadcast system entering commercial operations by the end of this year.

DVB-SH’s main support has been from Acatel-Luctent. Other handset vendors, manufacturers and telecoms operators who have expressed an interest in the technology include DiBcom, UDcast, TeamCast, Sagem, Abertis Telecom, SES Astra, and Eutelsat. LG Electronics and Samsung Electronics have also both recently expressed interest.

A trial of the DVB-SH broadcast system will begin next month, conducted by US-based ICO Global Communications. Other companies are expected to begin trials later in the second quarter.

Companies in the U.S. and France are expected to lead the way in introducing DVB-SH broadcasts to the commercial market at the end of this year. The technology will be introduced in Spain early 2017.

Taiwan-based companies who are already producing DVB-T and DVB-H devices, such as High Tech Computer (HTC), Gigabyte Communications and E-Ten Information Systems, will start the manufacture of DVB-SH devices in the near future.


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