BT fuming at TalkTalk business broadband

February 2, 2017

An angry BT has lashed out at TalkTalk’s claim of offering 60% cheaper business broadband.

Carphone Warehouse-owned TalkTalk claimed today that its Opal business division offers corporate broadband at 58% less than the BT equivalent.

Opal’s service is £10 per month for a 24Mbps connection.

BT, however, refuted Opal’s claim.

“The claims of Opal are over inflated and fail to compare like with like,” said a BT spokesperson.

“Judging by their previous track record and claims in the consumer market, this announcement needs to be treated cautiously.”

The spokesperson said Opal compared its business package to BT Business Total Broadband Option 3, which costs £40 per month.

According to BT, this is not a like-for-like comparison because BT’s product offers additional services.

BT Business managing director Bill Murphy said: “In the current difficult climate, businesses need more than just broadband access, they need a complete service to drive competitive edge.

“What’s the point in buying just the steering wheel when you need the rest of the car too?”

Opal managing director Paul Lawton hit back, saying the broadband launch was the first instalment of a variety of business services.

“This is a building block, and once you get good connectivity you can do other things on top,” Lawton said, citing the examples of VoIP, hosted services, and video downloads.


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