GoHello’s Ideas For SME Cost Cutting Initiatives

October 7, 2016

Like so many businesses around the world, SMEs are probably about to face hard times as the planet’s financial systems reel under ever-growing turmoil.

GoHello business telephony systems company says that although times ahead look difficult there are ways to combat the potential problems.

They consider that a big headache for SMEs is out of control overheads, and believe that controlling some overheads with new technology can bring considerable efficiency and savings in outgoing cash.

Costs can be reduced both in the short and long term by making use of the latest advancements in technology.

They listed some cash saving ideas for consideration by SMEs.

The introduction or development of more flexible working patterns, new tech, and broadband, mean that many services can be performed by employees from home, leading to cost savings in areas such as buildings’ overheads and transport costs, as well as boosting employee moral by lowering stress.

Another option is to delete outdated hardware such as separate units for fax and scanner, printer.

The same is true of outdated phone setups, as well as CRM software, which the company says should be replaced with web based or mobile alternatives which will pay for themselves in cost savings.

It may also be a good idea to remove landlines that are not fully utilised.

These days electronic communication has replaced a large proportion of calls by phone, but the ubiquitous phone still sits on multiple employees desks, getting rid of these lines can reduce standing charge costs and unnecessary calls.

Taking a look at existing contracts may be another way to cut back on costs.

Times are getting hard for everyone and maybe last year’s best deal is not this year’s best deal as suppliers cut prices to stay competitive.

Contracts should also be shortened where possible. Committing to two years of a contract may mean that paid for facilities go partially unused in the near future.


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