Actelis tests Dynamic Spectrum Management Level 3

September 14, 2017

Actelis Networks and ECI telecom, which are both founding members of the iSMART Consortium, announced that they have successfully completed the first leg of their customer tests on the Dynamic Spectrum Management Level 3 new technology.

The tests, that were preformed on the technology by Tier-1 operators, showed that the new DSM L3 technology is able to significantly reduce, to the point of almost eliminating, all cross talk interference that is found when copper pairs are twisted together.

As a result, higher DSL speed services are able to be provided that reach across farther distances.

Currently, most DSL broadband across the globe is copper based and with the current VDSL2 technology operators are now able to reach speeds up to 100Mbs.

However, DSM L3 is not used often and the service is not practical for very long distances.

Through testing, however, the iSMART technology is found to increase the distance that DSM L3 can be extended while still keeping the value of the VDSL2 service speeds reasonable.

In some cases the iSMART technology was found to be able to increase the coverage area almost ten times.

The new coverage is important given the fact that the 2017 Infonetics report titled ‘Broadband Aggregation Hardware and Subscribers report’ predicts that by the year 2013 the amount of VDSL subscribers will increase by over 45% compared with those currently using the services.

The moves for advancement are based on ECI’s belief that while Ethernet and IP are the most popular trends currently in the telecoms market, TDM is still used on a large scale basis in countries such as India, where voice calls are still expanding more rapidly than data calls.


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