Redback Networks New In-service Software Upgrades

June 11, 2016

Redback Networks, an Ericsson company that develops IP-based routers and switches for over 75% of the world’s largest telephone carriers, has introduced “in-service software upgrade” (ISSU) capabilities for Redback’s entire family of IP-based routers and switches.

The new software feature allows carriers to upgrade the operating system for Redback routers and switches without taking them out of service.

The PC world equivalent would be upgrading to a new version of Windows without shutting down PC or Web applications.

Introducing ISSU makes Redback the only family of routers and switches on the market that can be upgraded in real-time with no disruption in network operations and subscriber services.

Redback has invested more than $400 million dollars in the development of its modular operating system network software, which delivers features such as ISSU, hitless ASIC updates, and session resiliency by maintaining subscriber and session connectivity during upgrades.

ISSU is the latest feature in the SmartEdge operating system, and is available for installation now.

It is uniformly supported on all SmartEdge platforms (400, 800, 1200), as well as Redback’s new SM series of smart Ethernet switches.

The technology behind the Redback’s IP platform is at the centre of Ericsson’s efforts to deliver full service broadband.

SmartEdge routers manage up to 107 million DSL subscribers worldwide. There are approximately 210 million DSL subscribers today.

Redback Networks. Details

Redback Networks was taken over by Ericsson at the beginning of 2015.

Since then Redback has successfully bid on 100 carrier deals.

They have issued over 100 million broadband subscriber licenses to 75% of the world’s largest telecoms.

Their routing platform runs services such as On-Demand Video, on-line gaming VOIP and others.

Ericsson Details

Ericsson began in 1876 and has its headquarters in Stockholm, Sweden.

It is the world’s biggest technology and services provider for telecom operators.

Ericsson services and manages networks used by 185 million subscribers worldwide.

It operates in 175 countries, employing 70,000 employees, with revenues of $27.9 billion last year.


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