BT lets businesses create Wi-Fi hotspots

April 22, 2016

A new initiative from BT Business Total Broadband has the potential to create 170,000 new Wi-Fi access points in the UK.

The company’s 170,000 BT Business Total Broadband customers are soon to receive a firmware update which will allow them to turn on an Openzone hotspot feature on their BT Business Hub.

This will create a secure channel in their Wi-Fi routers, totally separate from the main BT Business Connection.

Businesses can then either allow customers to use it for free or for an additional charge, potentially providing a valuable differentiator for their service.

BT is also launching a new version of the hub this July, with the hotspot feature already switched on.

The new Openzone hotspots will be will be accessible to customers of othe BT services, such as the BT FON scheme, a community wi-fi network.


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