LogicaCMG trials supermarket payments by phone

October 3, 2015

LogicCMG has announced its plans to launch a pilot project at a branch of Dutch supermarket C1000 in Molenaarsgraaf, near Rotterdam.

Around one hundred shoppers using the store will be able to pay for their shopping by mobile phone.

The six month long project is led by LogicaCMG and Schuitema, who also both own the C1000 supermarket chain in which the trial is taking place.

In addition to these two companies NXP Semiconductors, Rabobank, KPN and RFID Platform Nederland are also involved.

The system is though to be the first in Europe which is directly linked to debit accounts.

It uses the existing PIN system but replaces the terminal with a mobile phone. The phones are equipped with near field communication (NFC) technology which supports contact-free exchange of information.

They key appeal for customers is convenience, they no longer have to take cash or debit cards with them to shop, just their mobile phone.

All customers have to do is hold their phone up to the NFC reader at the checkout and then input their pin as they would do on a conventional terminal. Credit from bottle deposits can also be stored on the phone.


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