Isocore Completes Successful Interoperability Testing

May 27, 2016

Isocore, the technology validation operator of Internet and wireless networking and services, has announced the successful completion of its Spring 2016 Leading Edge Code Testing.

The key findings and results of the testing will be presented at Isocore’s Pavilion at iPOP 2016 to be held on June 5-6 at NTT in Tokyo, Japan.

The recently concluded leading edge code testing provided a platform for Isocore to launch, and perform the first ever interoperability and interworking of multiple implementations supporting Path Computation Element (PCE) and Path Computation Client interworking (PCC).

The PCE technology being standardized by IETF simplifies the complex path computation across multiple Internet Service Provider networks.

During the initial tests the PCE application was restricted to multiple area MPLS networks.

In addition to PCE/PCC interworking, the testing focused on features that are critical to successful deployment of Carrier Ethernet across MPLS networks.

Scenarios of Virtual Private LAN Services (VPLS) and IEEE 802.1ah Provider Backbone Bridging (PBB) interworking were tested to validate the operation of native Ethernet based VPLS services with PBB. Also, IEEE 802.1ag Ethernet connectivity fault management (CFM) across multiple provider domains.

Special attention was given to interoperability testing of MPLS based Layer 3 VPNs supporting IPv6 subscribers (6VPE).

Additionally, Address Resolution Protocol (ARP) Mediation defined by the IETF for Ethernet to ATM/FR service interworking and point-to-multipoint traffic engineering for supporting multicast applications was also tested during the event.

Vendors participating in the Isocore testing included Agilent, Alcatel-Lucent, Cisco Systems, Foundry Networks, IXIA, Juniper Networks, NEC, Mu Security, Redback Networks and on-site participation and support by NTT.

Isocore, Details

Isocore provides technology validation, certification and product evaluation services in emerging and next generation Internet and wireless technologies.

Isocore is a validation and interoperability of novel technologies including Carrier Ethernet, IPv6, IP Optical Integration, wireless backhauling and Layer 2/3 Virtual Private Networks (VPNs) and currently focuses on IPTV service deployment architecture validation and design.

Major router and switch vendors, Service Providers, and test equipment suppliers participate in Isocore activities.

Isocore has major offices in the USA (the Washington DC area), Europe (Paris, France) and Asia (Tokyo, Japan).


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