Actix to provide C-SON systems to NEC

February 2, 2018

Actix, a leader in radio network status management and optimization, has announced that it has signed a major contract to provide centralized Self-Organizing Network (SON) technology for next generation LTE mobile networks to NEC Corporation (NEC), a world leading vendor of LTE systems.

The agreement covers the delivery of an operational centralized SON solution for global operators deploying NEC LTE networks.

Centralized SON (C-SON) functionality is part of the 3GPP standard for 4th Generation mobile networks and enables the planning, rollout and operation of networks at greatly reduced operational cost whilst also improving customer network experience.

The joint Actix / NEC solution will provide a full suite of SON use cases to support LTE self-planning, self-optimization, and self-healing of the LTE radio access network.

Actix’ contract to provide C-SON systems to NEC is a multi-year commitment, and is the largest contract placed to date in the LTE SON space.

“Actix SON fits perfectly into our vision of an efficient LTE system and this agreement will help us drive the deployment of many new LTE networks,” said Kazuya Hashimoto, General Manager, Mobile Radio Access Division for NEC Corporation.

“With a remarkable history as leaders in RAN engineering and optimization, advanced expertise in LTE technologies and considerable investment in building SON systems to date, Actix is uniquely positioned to provide C-SON capabilities very rapidly.”

NEC has selected Actix to help plan, deploy and manage 4G networks using centralized SON systems in accordance with the recently defined 3GPP and NGMN SON recommendations.

The combined NEC / Actix solution will address challenges such as wide area performance optimization, reactions to network disruption and energy saving.

“Self-optimizing networks are central to Actix’ long term vision of allowing operators to maximize customer experience at reduced operational cost, and many of the capabilities we have built and acquired have been targeted at creating an exceptional SON system,“ said Bill McHale, Actix CEO.

“SON is essential to efficiently manage LTE networks and it’s exciting to see our long term investment in the right capabilities come to fruition through this partnership with NEC.

Actix is leading the SON market and by partnering with companies such as NEC we are enabling operators globally to benefit from centralized SON systems for LTE.”

“NEC is one of the largest technology and systems integration companies worldwide, always at the forefront of innovative technologies and advancements in the RAN and it is great to see such a long term, high value commitment to centralized SON solutions as part of its LTE offering.

“NEC is seeking to drive the deployment of LTE-based next generation mobile networks and everyone at Actix is delighted to be a key part of that movement,” McHale continued.

Based on the widely deployed ActixOne RAN status management platform, and leveraging Actix’ twenty years of experience in radio network optimization, the solution will be deployed in Tier 1 LTE networks during 2018.

By selecting Actix’ C-SON solution, NEC is able to deliver a full end-to-end self-optimizing solution for LTE and accelerate the rollout of new, low operating cost mobile broadband networks, systems and services for mobile operators.


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