Making the Switch

July 2, 2016

Customers in the North East are the most accepting of changing services, in the UK.

According to an AOL survey, 74% of participants in the North East said they switched suppliers for a particular service that was of interest to them, such a mobile phone, utilities and broadband, and that’s just in the last 12 months.

The survey was conducted by using 1,000 adults aged over 18, and the following figures were withdrawn from the survey; North East (74%), Yorkshire and Humberside (68%), South East (64%), West Midlands (63%), Wales (63%), South West (61%), Eastern (59%), London (58%), North West (52%), Scotland (48%) and East Midlands (48%).

The results of whether customers would sign up to fix term contracts, bearing in mind the current credit crunch, showed the Welsh winning with flying colours, with 57% saying they wouldn’t.

Among the other top respondents were Yorkshire and Humberside (51%), North East (48%), Eastern (48%) and West Midlands (45%).

Other questions within the survey indicated that consumers are just trying to become free from any ties, especially with the current credit crunch, as the last thing they want to be doing is to be taking out loans or going into overdrafts, just to pay a media based fix term contract.


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