72% still believe in SS7

May 2, 2016

A newly released survey from European company Adax, who are considered to be the industry leader with their well regarded high performance signalling infrastructure, revealed that almost three out of four of their Telco suppliers still regard support for the SS7 infrastructure as an essential tool in for their long term business requirements.

The survey solicited answers to various questions from a range of telecommunication vendors with operations spread across continental Europe.

Although very large numbers of these operators have been rapidly moving across to IP networks, an amazing number, some 72% of those who responded to the questions had not yet managed to phase out their existing and outmoded SS7 infrastructure.

Some had partially removed their reliance on SS7 but nearly three quarters of respondents are of the belief that continued support is essential to their business needs.

According to these European vendors, a huge 74%, are of the opinion that it is an essential tool in their makeup, that they are compatible not only with new setup but also the older existing technology.

Vendors seem to be at varying stages of migration towards IP, and analysis of the survey results demonstrate how many operators are still attempting to utilize the existing signalling networks, and the huge sums that they have invested into them, while actively avoiding commitment to the new IP infrastructure.

The survey also asked the question, what are the key product features which vendors put above others when looking at their telecommunications infrastructure?

This revealed that a full 67% were of the opinion that the key product feature that they required was high link density in combination with high performance; trunks per board numbers were also considered to be a high requirement feature.


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