Mobile accessories market worth $40 billion and growing

February 25, 2016

The market for mobile phone accessories is to grow steadily in the next five years, generating over US$80 billion in revenues in 2012, according to ABI.

The market for mobile phone accessories will be worth over US$40 billion in revenues this year, according to newly released research.

Feature-rich handsets require a large number of accessories to be used to their full potential, and mobile manufacturers are aware of the need to provide these accessories if their handsets are to sell. Accessories include headsets, memory cards and data connection kits, as well as chargers and batteries.

The research was conduced by ABI Research, whose analyst, Shailendra Pandey, said: “Current market trends including the growing adoption of smartphones in the prosumer and consumer segments, as well as the increasing popularity of iPhone-like feature-rich devices with touch screens are contributing to the growing demand for mobile phone accessories.

“Further, more people buying expensive smartphones and feature-rich devices mean greater demand for accessories that protect handsets, and also for accessories that enable the use of different features and applications on the handsets.”

As mobile phones with large screens and touch screens grow in popularity, the sales of accessories that provide handset protection have also increased. This includes carry cases, covers, screen protectors, and scratch removers.

Audio-video playback capabilities have increased the demand for headsets, earphones and memory cards. Data connection kits and USB chargers are also growing in popularity as handsets incorporate PC connectivity.

ABI predicts that the growth in the accessories market will continue over the next 5 years. They predict that the market will be worth US$80 billion in 2012.


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