Sky broadband first to go truly unlimited

September 19, 2016

Sky Broadband has removed the fair use policy from the terms and conditions of its Broadband Max package, making it the first provider to offer truly unlimited downloads.

Sky customers can now download as much as they want, whenever they want, without worrying about speed capping or data charges.

Previously, Sky customers were limited to 250GB of downloads per month.

The company has reassured customers that its broadband network has enough capacity to meet any extra demand created by the changes.

A Sky spokesperson said the change was made because of customer feedback that ‘unlimited’ should mean unlimited.

Earlier this year, the Advertising Standards Agency (ASA) forced Vodafone to remove an advert offering unlimited internet access on mobile phones.

Vodafone’s fair use policy limited downloads to 250mb per month.

The ASA also received complaints from BT about Virgin Media’s advertised internet speeds.

Virgin puts speed caps on its heaviest users, so customers can only benefit from fast download speeds if they don’t download too much.

A spokesperson for Virgin said Sky’s claim to be the first unlimited downloads provider is ‘empty rhetoric’ and added that Virgin Media was the first to offer customers unlimited downloads without a fair use policy.

Meanwhile, broadband analyst Michael Phillips pointed out that Sky still reserves the right to ban users who engage in excessive behaviour.

Phillips added that O2 and Be have been offering packages similar to Sky’s new deal for a while now.


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