OpenCloud Appoints VP Of Asia Pacific

May 20, 2016

Provider of next-gen real-time telecommunication application servers, OpenCloud, have announced the appointment of Kelvin Ng as Vice President of Sales in the Asia Pacific.

It will be Ng’s duty to superintend sales and growth, as well as providing a solid understanding of the telecommunications industry in Asia, along with an understanding of local cultures and customs so that OpenCloud can be a more savvy competitor in the region.

OpenCloud were originally based out of New Zealand, and are now global award winning creators of software designed to use the Java applet to make the telecommunications industry more portable and cohesive across multiple platforms.

With over 15 years in the industry, Ng’s experience in the region is what ultimately earned him the new position with OpenCloud.

Ng’s former position with Dilithium Networks Inc., a U.S. based company which focused on VAS applications for mobile enterprise operators, had him chiefly responsible for the development, deployment, and management of marketing and sales teams throughout the Asia Pacific which were to design and implement strategies to promote growth of video-based business for service providers and broadcasters in the region.

Ng has had similar roles in a plethora of both regional and global companies, and has had noted success with managing direct sales teams, marketing teams, technical support groups, and channel partners, along with streamlining business operations and processes in some form or another in most of the APAC countries.

CEO of OpenCloud, Jeff Gordon, said that Ng’s appointment was an easy decision for the company, as he is known for this outstanding professionalism and knowledge of the development of partnerships, distribution channels, and markets as a whole.

Gordon went on to say that it was Ng’s enthusiasm and experience that would play a key role in OpenCloud’s success in the Asia Pacific region’s next-gen telecommunication application server market.


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