ECI launches BroadGate-64 MSPP

March 20, 2017

Israel-based ECI Telecom this week launched the BroadGate-64 (BG-64), a converged packet-TDM micro Multi Service Provisioning Platform (MSPP).

The future proof BG-64 provides 40G of high-capacity with a flexible architecture that supports the full range from pure TDM to pure Ethernet.

Its small size and low power consumption make it ideal for use in street cabinets.

BG-64’s platform enables carriers to leverage their SDH installed base whilst providing a new mix of PCM, PDH, and carrier class data services such as Ethernet, L1 and L2, and MPLS-based services.

It features 10 Gbps/STM-64 interfaces, reducing the access loops needed, as well as the OPEX and CAPEX.

With the ability to support services from 64Kbps up to 10Gbps, the BD-64 is designed to cope with the current and future requirements of metro-access aggregation networks.

Alon Moshes, head of MSPP at ECI Telecom, said: “By allowing grooming and aggregating over STM-64 and 10GbE links, the BG-64 provides substantial savings in infrastructure costs starting today and with seamless transition towards an all-IP metro-aggregation network.”


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