UK’s Cheapest Broadband Launched By BT

April 27, 2017

At just £15.65 a month, BT claims that its latest home and mobile broadband packages are the cheapest currently available in the UK.

BT Total Broadband is offering up-to-8Mb wireless broadband at home, and free 1GB monthly usage on our mobile broadband, for £308.08 over 18 months.

John Petter, managing director of BT’s Consumer division, said: “This is an absolutely fantastic deal, the most complete home and mobile broadband for only 56p a day is a no-brainer. Now you can use broadband wherever you are without worrying about the cost.”

A similar package from Orange would cost £528.48 and from Virgin it would cost £435.00.

The packages should come with good customer support too, as BT and Sky were recently found to be the best fixed-line broadband providers for customer support.


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