Ericsson aims to be IPTV leader

March 4, 2016

Ericsson is aiming to become a leading service provider for IPTV solutions in Taiwan over the next three years. The company will also be working with local manufacturers of customer premises equipment (CPE) in developing IPTV products for global markets.

This initial co-operation with manufacturers is likely to include IP set-top boxes (STBs) and LCD TVs.

The IPTV segment is looking to be a promising market in Taiwan as telecom operators become more interested in the technology, the basic infrastructure is now sound, and the market conditions are ripe for investment.

There are currently 2 million fixed-line broadband subscribers in the global IPTV market. This is expected to increase to 40 million by 2011. Furthermore, the global value of TV related services is expected to exceed US$240 billion by 2018, with IPTV making up 14%, or US$30 billion of this amount.


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