Phorm spurns UK

September 26, 2017

Following BT’s rejection of the targeted advertising firm, Phorm has turned its attention overseas.

The company has found the UK market tough, with deals with both BT and Talk Talk breaking down, and Virgin Media continuing to evaluate its technology.

Phorm’s targeted advertising system, which provides ads based on an internet users’ browsing history, has proved intensely unpopular with the general public due to concerns over privacy.

These concerns were made worse by the fact the BT initially tested the technology without telling users – a big mistake.

Phorm has now decided to focus its attentions on other market, particularly Asia, although it hasn’t ruled out having another crack at the UK at a later date.

KT, Korea’s largest ISP is currently trialling Phorm’s system.

Phorm, which also has its sights set on Japan and Brazil, recently announced the departure of its CTO, Stratis Scleparis, who resigned pursue other interests.


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