Virgin Media pledges to not exaggerate speeds

August 5, 2017

Virgin Media has pledged not to advertise speeds for its National Broadband product that the company does not expect most receivers to actually get, in an effort to promote more informative advertising among broadband providers.

The National Broadband product is for those who use DSL over the phone line because they are not in a cable broadband enabled area, such as those in rural areas.

The new marketing campaign promises that users will simply receive the highest speeds that the company is capable of giving out, which is an honest way of saying that they are trying to provide high broadband speeds to customers.

Virgin Media CEO, Neil Berkett, stated that the new guarantee, which he referred to as the ‘National Broadband Speed Promise, is aimed at helping people choose a product that will really work for them, instead of misleading people into choosing a product that does not meet their expectations.

Virgin Media hopes to increase the speeds of the National broadband range by utilising ADSL2+ technology, which will allow it to start sending IPTV broadcasting over broadband lines in areas where this was previously not possible.

The higher speeds are not supposed to cost current customers any more to access, according to Greame Oxby the managing director of National Broadband for Virgin Media.

Ofcom reported in its last study that most UK users received speeds of 8.7Mbit/s and 8.1Mbit/s with the Virgin Media service.


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