New GREEN benchmark for home gateways

June 11, 2017

A new benchmark for low-energy home gateways is being worked out by the European Telecommunications Network Operators Association (ETNO) in conjunction with the Home Gateway Initiative (HGI).

The ETHO GREEN (Green Router for Energy Efficient home Networking) benchmark will be calculated using the current models of best practice, as listed by HGI’s Energy Efficiency Task Force.

The benchmark will encourage telcos and equipment manufacturers to minimise the power consumption of home gateways (HGs) when not in use.

“ETNO’s GREEN benchmark will highlight the current best practice in meeting the power targets for Home Gateways set out by the EU Code of Conduct,” said Lorenzo Radice, chairman of the ETNO energy task force.

“The HG operating modes used in GREEN will be aligned with the HGI Energy Efficiency Task Force work, and the results of the tests will be shared with HGI.”

HGI said working with ETNO on making HGs more eco-friendly will contribute to its next set of HG specifications.

“For HGI, the GREEN results will be a highly valued reality check for our Release 3 specifications, which will include a full specification of the requirements for HG power modes,” said Duncan Bees, HGI chief technical officer.

HGI was set up in 2004 to establish home-gateway technical and interoperability specifications.


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