Bangor University research could revolutionise broadband

March 6, 2016

Researchers at Bangor University have developed technology which can provide 100 times faster broadband, with 75% cheaper costs, in an EU-funded Alpha project.

The scientists, at the university’s School of Electronic Engineering, now plan to build a prototype machine which will use the UK’s existing telecommunications network, but will be able to channel information more efficiently.

It will enable 15 full-length movies to be downloaded in just one minute, making broadband substantially faster and cheaper for consumers.

Researcher, Dr Jianming Tang, believes the development will revolutionise the communications industry.

It could deliver high speed HD films and television, high-power computer games and home video-conferencing facilities. It would also make remote working easier and would facilitate the use of applications such as tele-medicine.

The prototype device will look like a DVD player and will sit between the broadband outlet and computer.


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