5% growth in Europe’s internet audience

November 8, 2015

A new study from comScore, the Internet monitoring company, reveals that there were 226.7 million unique visitors in the European Internet community in September, an audience that grew 5% year-over-year and was the largest ever recorded.

Russia showed the greatest growth, surging 23% to 14.6 million visitors during the period. Spain was next with 18% growth and 14.5 million unique visitors, followed by Ireland at 16% and 1.5 million, respectively.

Germany continues to have the largest online audience at 33.2 million, followed by the UK at 32.2 million. Together, they represent 29% of the total European online audience.

The Netherlands has the highest Internet penetration rate in Europe with 82% of the population spending time online in September.

The rankings are based on the 16 individually reportable European countries in comScore’s World Metrix, and registers home and work locations for users over the age of fifteen.


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