Polatis New Latching Switches Run Without Power

September 23, 2016

Polatis has chosen ECOC 2016 this week in Brussels to debut a new selection of switches.

These zero power Latching Switches will offer low levels of signal loss and decreased power consumption.

The switches, in fact, require no power but can still maintain an optical signal connection.

They also only need 7W of power when reconfiguring a path.

The company believes that no power usage and very low rates of loss are a winner in today’s market.

The switches are currently the only ones available that have this zero power usage capability, which should be capable of very significant overall savings in terms of power usage.

The switches are used for signal collection, network monitoring, intrusion detection, remote fibre test, and physical layer protection.

The switches are capable of ultra-low loss, fixed express connections that are adaptable when it comes to interruption and insertion of test equipment, or to redirect specified paths to alternate fibres.

The switches are suitable for use in just about all traffic types including RF, SONET, video or DWDM.

They also offer very wide configuration options for user specific customisation.


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