Pipex Offers New Business Packages

February 11, 2016

Pipex has increased its variety of products with four fresh products intended for the small and medium enterprise market.

• Pipex Lite: £14.50 per month, with 25GB allowance and up to 8Mbps ADSL connection.

• Pipex Pro: £19.50 per month, up to 16Mbps downloads via ADSL2+, up to 1Mbps uploads, unlimited usage allowance, prioritised traffic and enhanced care option.

• Premium: £32 per month, up to 16Mbps, unlimited usage allowance and an assured bandwidth of 200Kbps.

• Premium +: £49 per month, up to 16Mbps, unlimited usage allowance and an assured bandwidth of 500Kbps.

It should however, be mentioned that the residential Pipex Pro product is dissimilar to the business range Pipex Pro product. Moreover, for those that believe the Pipex Lite product appears to be a bargain for 25GB of usage, consider that business products are typically listed with VAT @ 17.5% excluded from the price.

The improved care option is not yet offered by many broadband providers and provides a 10 hour fix time should the broadband fail. If opting for the enhanced care it is advised that additionally you take Total Care for the telephone service. Guaranteed bandwidth selections have been present for some time on the standard BT Wholesale products, and may also appeal to power consumers.

The ADSL2+ speeds are only obtainable at exchanges where Pipex has its own hardware and at other exchanges a standard ADSL connection will be offered, assuming an upgrade as ADSL2+ rolls out on the BT Wholesale network.

The entire products provide a selection of three month or twelve month contract, the variation is that on the shorter contract the WiFi router becomes an optional £34.03, rather than included in for free.


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