GPS units to have ‘real time’ updates

February 4, 2016

Mio Technology this week announced that it is working in partnership with Qualcomm. Together, they are hoping to develop connected PND products that will allow Qualcomm’s chipset to deliver top of the range GPS performance with cell-phone network connectivity. This technology allows for real time traffic updates, voice calling capabilities, and more.

The connected PNDs – the next generation of GPS devices – will provide users with real time content, search capabilities and more, providing a unique and dynamic navigation experience, completely customizable for any lifestyle.

Qualcomm’s QST1100 chipset is the first to integrate GPS, cell phone network connectivity, and application processing into a single chip. Qualcomm hopes that the QST1100 chipset will make their gpsOne technology the number one GPS choice. GspOne already supports several operation modes, including Standalone GPS and Assisted GPS. It is currently used in more that 300 million devices across the world.


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