Digital Inclusion Project in Renfrewshire addresses 2,600 households

February 21, 2016

Based upon the recent press releases covering the wireless broadband network installed by Proxim in Renfrewshire, one could get the notion it was uniquely in relation to broadband coverage, but the broadband access is just an element of the Digital Inclusion Project.

The project is operated with support from Renfrewshire’s Community Planning Partnership, Communities Scotland and the Scottish Executive’s Community Regeneration Fund.

The wireless network covers a region of five square kilometres and includes 2,600 households using 25 point-to-point and point-to-multipoint links. The backhaul stretches 12 kilometres from Johnstone in Renfrewshire to Shortroods at Glasgow Airport.

Gordon Giles, Renfrewshire Digital Inclusion Manager stated “This has been a new and innovative project. I’m not aware of many other initiatives that provide wireless and mesh broadband into residential homes to allow social inclusion covering an area of 5 square kilometers.”


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