Infineon unveils next gen ultra-low-cost chips

January 22, 2017

Mobile chip maker Infineon has developed its third generation of ultra-low-cost (ULC) handset chips, the X-Gold 110.

According to Infineon, the X-Gold 110 is the world’s highest integrated cost effective chip solution for GSM/GPRS ULC phones.

The chip lowers the system costs for handset manufacturers by 20% compared to its predecessor.

In addition, manufacturers’ research cycles will be reduced from over 12 months to under four months because of the know how integrated into the chip’s platform, and because of its ‘plug and play’ capabilities.

The X-Gold 110 supports colour display, MP3 playback, FM radio, and USB charging, as well as telephony functions.

“We see an ever growing demand in the ultra low-cost and entry phone segment,” said Weng Kuan Tan, Infineon’s president of wireless.

“Our solutions perfectly serve the needs of network operators and mobile phone manufacturers who are offering their services in emerging markets, where cost efficient solutions are the most important criteria to serve the mainly lower income population,” Weng added.


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