Broadcom moves into Gigabit Passive Optical

September 7, 2017

Broadcom Corporation announced on Wednesday the company’s initial products in the Gigabit Passive Optical Network.

The products include fully integrated access devices and gigabit bridges.

The new offerings will strengthen its existing processor system and its ability to offer Linux and VoIP software solutions along with its already available processor system.

With the new product line Broadcom now can offer its carriers and partners a full range of solutions designed at meeting the needs of those who utilize GPON, ASDL, and VDSL technologies.

The new GPON gateway processors are aimed at creating optical network terminals or network units that are more cost effective due to the fact that they can be used alongside optical networks.

It also allows for integration with Broadcom’s 400MHx core processor architecture, IPsec security, gigabit switch, support for the wireless LAN devices, and support alongside USB 2.0 hosts.

The new GPON portfolio will also have the first Multimedia over Coax Alliance in the world which has been fully certified by the MoCA Certification Board.

The solution is able to boost integration of the PHY transceiver, the MoCA media access controller, and RF tuner so that service providers that utilize GPON technology can lower costs to users with a coax network.


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