Prysmian Goes to Xtreme With New cable

September 19, 2016

Big time high-technology cables player, Prysmian, has announced a new twist in the bend optimized fibres tale.

They are launching an upgraded version of their CasaLight series under the title CasaLightTM Xtreme.

According to the company this new variant of the bendable optical cable significantly overreaches the ITU G.657 A and B specifications.

The company wants to market the new cable at companies with “demanding FTTH applications, where extreme bending radii are unavoidable”.

Their standard CasaLightTM is capable of bending radii down to 10mm, as often required with Riser columns.

The Plus version is used mainly in horizontal cabling that is the final link into the customer’s internal cables; with this cable they can get the radii down to 7.5 mm.

The new Xtreme cable will, not surprisingly, be used for extreme installation conditions.

It can be bent at 90 degrees, and can even manage that under tension.

If the company’s MDU cables are used, the installation techs will even be able to use staple guns for quick installs.

This of course is the company’s lowest bending radii cable which will halve the radii down to just 5mm.

This is not a general use bending cable and is only intended to be used where it is needed to make difficult curves possible.


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