InVueTXT selects TynTec for SMS service

July 1, 2016

TynTec, the mobile messaging company, has secured a deal to provide global SMS delivery services for InVueTXT.

inVueTXT will use TynTec’s service to deliver low-cost but guaranteed delivery SMS messages to Eastern Europe, Africa and India.

To access the service, inVueTXT users will be able to download an application straight to their handset and will be able to top up their mobile phones with SMS scratch cards for different destinations.

TynTec guarantees that messages will be delivered within 15 seconds of sending, thanks to its Signaling System 7 (SS7) protocols, deep-level connections into the global mobile telecoms network.

TynTec’s performance, from message creation to delivery, can be measured against SLAs, and the service also allows InVueTXT to keep prices competitive.


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