Interoute and Gibtelecom deploy new telecoms route to Gibraltar

January 19, 2018

Gibtelecom, the leading telecommunications provider in Gibraltar, and Interoute, owner operator of a state of the art European next generation network, have deployed an alternative telecommunications route to Gibraltar, offering high capacity connectivity between the Rock and the rest of Europe.

The new Point of Presence (PoP) will give users and businesses in Gibraltar additional resilient access to Europe via Interoute’s technologically advanced pan European network.

Moreover, the fibre optic network offers virtually unlimited capacity to support further growth in Gibraltar.

This new route complements Gibtelecom’s existing international routes, including via Telefonica and Cable & Wireless, and will provide further communications resilience for Gibraltar.

Gareth Williams, CEO, Interoute, states, “Gibraltar’s position makes it the natural hub for international businesses looking for easy access to Europe and Africa.

Gibraltar has created a successful financial services and ecommerce sector which depend on first class communications.

Consequently, we’ve seen an increasing demand from our customers to provide high capacity access to the region and we’re delighted to be able to partner with Gibtelecom and connect to their fibre optic network.”

Tim Bristow, CEO, Gibtelecom, said, “By partnering with Interoute, we bring businesses in Gibraltar access to a European next generation network and the 25 European countries that it crosses.

“Gibraltar has witnessed a substantial surge in demand for network access, and through Gibtelecom financing the construction of this new link businesses are guaranteed enhanced connectivity, now and in the future.”

Last week Gibtelecom’s CEO signed an agreement, together with Diego Matas Morilla, Director General of Interoute’s Madrid Office, confirming that Gibtelecom and Interoute are now in a position to launch this new link and jointly market the services following the successful trialling of the new route.


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