3G iPhone release expected in June

May 23, 2016

Gadget site Gizmodo has reported that Apple will officially release the 3G iPhone next month.

Citing their source as someone very close to the 3G iPhone launch, Gizmodo have said that Apple will make the official launch announcement on June 9th, with the iPhone being made available worldwide soon after that date.

Spain’s iPhone launch is expected to be on 18th June, at the opening of of Telefonica’s Madrid megastore. Other European countries are expected to have a similar launch date.

Apple is expected to relax its policy on network carrier subsidisation of the iPhone, potentially meaning that iPhones will be available for under US$200 (£100).

Furthermore, in many countries, more than one network carrier will be allowed to offer the iPhone.

True to form, Apple have declined to comment on the speculation.


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