Openwave monitors and monetises mobile data traffic

June 3, 2017

Openwave Systems yesterday launched version 7 of its mobile analytics tool.

Openwave Mobile Analytics 7.0 enables operators to track subscriber use of mobile broadband, including peak usage times and data consumption patterns.

Openwave said by using its solution operators can deliver targeted content to users at an optimum price.

In addition, operators can better monitor, manage and monetize mobile data traffic, including mobile internet, instant messaging and social networking, Openwave claimed.

Openwave’s solution does not require cookies or Javascript to tag and monitor user activity.

“The growing popularity of smartphones and other mobile-capable devices is sharply increasing data traffic, placing many operator networks at full capacity,” said Sean MacNeill, Openwave’s vice president of global services and support.

“Openwave’s analytics offering enables operators to improve their understanding of mobile data usage, view mobile traffic patterns and make adjustments accordingly to optimize network bandwidth and deliver targeted content to users.”


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