Vodafone storms out as demand outstrips supply

November 24, 2016

Vodafone chief executive, Vittorio Colao, has warned that the company is struggling to keep up with demand for the new Blackberry Storm smartphone.

The Storm is Blackberry’s first ever touch screen interface smartphone.

Vodafone has exclusive sale rights to the handset in the UK.

Seventy thousand Vodafone customers pre-ordered a Blackberry Storm before the device was released earlier this month.

It is not yet known whether or not Vodafone has been able to fulfil these orders, with many Vodafone stores already out of stock.

Furthermore, customers who failed to pre-order the handset, and want it in time for Christmas, are likely to be disappointed.

At a press conference, Colao told journalists that there could be a ‘problem’ getting enough Storms out to the customers that want them.

The Blackberry Storm, designed and produced by Canada-based smartphone maker Research in Motion (RIM), is an attempt by RIM to claw back ground lost to the success of Apple’s touch screen iPhone.

It is available for free on Vodafone’s £40 per month 18-month contract.


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