BT Openreach launches new WAN services

November 26, 2016

BT has announced the launch of two new services in its Applications Assured Infrastructure portfolio that will enable its corporate customers to work more efficiently.

BT said its new WAN and application optimisation services could help business customers boost productivity, improve application performance, and maximise investment returns.

The WAN optimisation service uses technology from Riverbed, whilst the application performance service is based on technology from Compuware.

Jean-Noel Moneton, BT’s vice president of network services, said having a managed service environment relieves business of having to manage multiple vendors, allowing enterprises to work more efficiently.

According to BT, WAN optimisation can improve the performance of applications used between data centres, remote offices, and mobile workers by up to 100 times.

In most cases, WAN optimisation will improve performance by between 5 and 50 times.

Application performance monitoring allows online businesses to receive real time feedback on the performance of online services.

BT has also announced major price cuts across its Openreach access and back haul services, giving their customers a more economical service.


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