UK heading for rapid mobile broadband growth

June 21, 2015

According to new research from YouGov and Point Topic, mobile broadband services are set to grow rapidly in the UK.

Point Topic found that around 90 percent of people who have broadband access at home already own a mobile phone. Half of these also use a laptop and access the Internet while on the move.

Of those surveyed, 38 percent were already using email while on the move and another 37 percent said they would like to use it. Email was the most popular use of mobile services, followed by browsing the internet and accessing travel information.

The cost of sending and receiving data was cited as the biggest disadvantage of mobile internet by 37 percent of respondents, 30 percent said the cost of devices was the biggest disadvantage while for 28 percent it was the cost of accessing useful data.

Security, which is a major concern for fixed line users, was cited as the major disadvantage of mobile internet by less than 2 percent of the respondents.


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