Orange the best for Mobile Broadband

December 4, 2016

Mobile network operator Orange has been awarded the accolade of best mobile broadband provider in an independent poll by market research firm YouGov.

According to YouGov’s report on the poll, Orange has significantly improved its customer satisfaction ratings, as well as winning over customers from other operators because of its outstanding network performance.

YouGov particularly praised Orange’s network reliability, its coverage reach, and its ability to deliver a continuous connection to the mobile broadband network.

Orange’s network covers 99% of the UK population, whilst its 3G coverage is available to 84% of the population.

Speeds of up to 7.2Mbps are possible in the UK’s top 30 cities, whilst 2Mbps is available to 80% of the population.

Paul Tollet, vice president of Orange Business, said the award was a ‘real honour’.

He added that Orange has taken ’significant measures’ to improve the quality of its network, and that the company is glad its customers are now noticing the benefits of this.

Market analysts, however, said that customers should not be blinded by the survey’s results, and should shop around for the best deal when looking for mobile broadband.

Of the 3,138 people questioned in the survey, less than 200 were Orange broadband customers.

Michael Phillips, product director at Broadband Choices, said neither of Orange’s mobile broadband packages are particularly competitive.

Phillips added that consumers choosing a provider should check which networks cover the areas they need, then opt for the cheapest deal available.


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