Is pursuing ever decreasing deals in the interest of business broadband

February 5, 2016

Business broadband has extensively been perceived as more costly than consumer packages, but there are an abundance of product providers prepared to brand their consumer deals as business broadband and sell them maintaining that they are perfect for the SME sector.

Consequentially it doesn’t come as a revelation that draws attention to some Point Topic research which proposes that price is often a principal concern with companies buying broadband subscriptions.

The Point Topic survey lists 40% of those most probable to alter provider referred to price as the most significant reason, followed by quality of service at 19%. Just 13% cited customer service as their main concern.

With an ever growing dependence on broadband connectivity for routine business tasks such as tax returns, ordering supplies and communicating with customers, small and large businesses equally should consider vigilantly any new broadband offer, principally if the primary incentive is price.

All too frequently a low price in the consumer sector has meant elevated levels of demand leading to packed full networks, or even products designed to operate far slower than anticipated at all realistic hours.

Businesses appraising their broadband selection should consider:

• What is the impact on my business of broadband failure?

• How will I moderate the risk of broadband failure? Can I use e-mail from home?

• What is the consequence to my e-mail address if I change service providers?

• Does my provider give 24/7 support so if I forget my password they can reset it?

• Does my provider offer improved support choice to cut the fix time?


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