Yuuguu launches enhanced web conferencing tool

January 22, 2018

Yuuguu has launched Yuuguu Corporate, an online collaboration tool which brings together web conferencing, a business-class instant messenger and presence via a single, easy to use, customisable and secure collaboration platform.

The new Yuuguu Corporate service features: the ability to embed web conferencing into an organisation’s website, simplified scheduling, custom branding of web conferencing sessions, enhanced session security and a fully integrated toll free audio conferencing service.

Yuuguu Corporate will dramatically improve ROI on web conferencing and online collaboration spend.

Yuuguu’s fixed cost organisation-wide licensing enables an organisation to extend the benefits of Yuuguu Corporate’s online collaboration service to customers, partners and suppliers very cost effectively.

Yuuguu Corporate represents an alternative to existing web conferencing technologies and has been developed for sales teams and corporate web conferencing technology users.

Yuuguu’s simplicity, no participant download or installs, reliability and affordable pricing plans have already benefited over a quarter of a million meeting hosts worldwide.

Yuuguu Corporate provides advanced branding options by allowing users to fully embed a web conferencing entry page into the organisation’s website, so steering participants to the organisation’s website rather than a web conferencing provider’s site.

Yuuguu Corporate is also setting a new standard in custom branding of web conferencing sessions by enabling companies to integrate their own corporate identity into the login screens and background of a conferencing session.

Yuuguu Corporate also significantly simplifies web conference scheduling, by allowing users to embed meeting details simply and easily with existing calendars including Outlook, Google Calendar and Lotus Notes.

Yuuguu has removed the need for users to keep their own calendar synchronised with their web conferencing service, allowing meeting dates and times to be updated even when users are not connected to the Internet.

Yuuguu Corporate’s fully integrated global audio conferencing service provides both toll-free and local dial-in numbers for audio conference bridges in most countries in the US, Europe and Australasia.

Geographic telephone numbers (e.g. 0415 in the US or 0207 in the UK) are also available as a very low cost/free option.

The new service also benefits from additional security features, which enhance session security – including random session code generation and the ability to connect with known users outside the organisation.

Yuuguu Corporate’s unique codecs ensures that secure, encrypted instant messaging and screen data is sent quickly between participants with the lowest network foot print possible.

Anish Kapoor, co-founder and CEO of Yuuguu, commented: “The launch of our new online collaboration service fills a gap in the market for users who have outgrown their current web conferencing systems, but want to benefit from the online collaboration features of a full blown unified communications solution.

By integrating our business-class presence and instant messaging platform with instant screen sharing, simplifying scheduling and allowing stronger corporate branding, our new service brings instant benefits to both sales teams by shortening sales cycles and web conference users by simplifying the online meeting experience.”

“Especially in today’s economic climate, IT managers can improve the effectiveness of online collaboration and increase employee productivity through Yuuguu’s flexible licensing options.

By fixing costs with organisation wide licensing programmes, Yuuguu Corporate is designed to provide maximum value, flexibility and ease of administration,” he concluded.

Yuuguu Corporate features for Web Conferencing and collaboration

• Business class instant messaging complete with messaging compliance and security

• Instant web-conferencing without need to pre-book online meetings

• Application*, screen, keyboard and mouse sharing (*Windows only)

• Groups or one to one – allows simple addition and removal of people from conversations

• Integrated audio – one to one voice calls via integration with Skype and a tightly integrated global audio conferencing service for group calls

• Real time extranet – allows extension of Yuuguu collaboration to customers, partners, suppliers and contractors

• Administrator tools – organisations are free to allocate and re-allocate your licenses as required

Yuuguu Corporate features for Sales Teams

• Instant web conferencing with no downloads and nothing to install for participants

• Customer engagement through screen, application, mouse and keyboard sharing

• Easy scheduling via automatic calendar synchronisation

• Custom branding of web conferencing sessions

• Web conferencing embedded into an organisation’s website

• Integrated audio

• Secure sessions via random access codes to 128-bit AES encryption

• Integrated business class messaging for immediate help from colleagues or to communicate with customers and partners

• Easy deployment for Mac, PC and Linux


Yuuguu Corporate’s fixed cost organisation-wide licensing provides companies with the ability to hold an unlimited number of web conferences/screen-sharing sessions with partners, suppliers and customers.

Yuuguu Corporate is targeting organisations that would like to extend web conferencing facilities to 100 – 500 users.

Yuuguu Corporate’s audio conferencing is available on a single, fully itemised monthly bill. Customers have full control over who can use toll free numbers and who can just use the lower cost geographic numbers.

Yuuguu Corporate has been developed over four years and builds on Yuuguu’s free, Yuuguu Plus and Yuuguu Teams services.


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