Be to raise network coverage by 15%

March 9, 2016

Be Un Limited are positioned to unbundle an additional 400 exchanges where it will offer its ADSL2+ services between now and June 2016. This will take their coverage figure up to 67% of the UK population.

Be presently offers a variety of three products all using ADSL2+, the cheapest at £14 will connect at a ceiling of 8Mbps and gives an upload connection of up to 1.3Mbps with limitless usage. The Be Unlimited product costs £18 a month and provides a full rate ADSL2+ connection of up to 24Mbps, depending on your line and other factors. Be Pro at £22 month has the choice of an up to 2.5Mbps upload connection, however a quantity of of the downstream speed is lost when using ADSL2+ Annex M.

One aspect that is possibly not always evident is that while ADSL2+ offers a connection speed of up to 24Mbps which is three times that of ADSL, this does not signify you will routinely get three times the connection speed you get with ADSL. The tangible benefit from ADSL2+ will differ depending on the length of your phone line and effects like the number of phone extensions in your home. The shorter the line the superior the speed increase generally.


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