Orange plans Uganda mobile network

October 20, 2016

France Telecom has announced plans to launch a mobile phone network in Uganda, under its popular Orange brand name.

Orange will work alongside Hits Telecom Uganda, a Middle Eastern-owned operator that acquired a telecommunications license in the country last year.

A 53% stake in Hits Telecom has been acquired by Orange, and the network will be relaunched as Orange Uganda in the next few months.

The Uganda Communications Commission has approved the acquisition and rebrand.

All of Hits Telecom’s current staff have been invited to join Orange Uganda, and will be given training and support from experts at France Telecom.

Over the next three years, France Telecom plans to invest $200 million in upgrading the Hits Telecom network, which at present is not fully operational.

Uganda has a population of 30 million, 17% of which own a mobile phone.

France Telecom says this statistic offers ‘major prospects for growth’.

France Telecom already has networks in 15 African countries.

In September the company launched a network in Kenya under the Orange brand name.

The company said it will continue its focus on acquisition opportunities in emerging markets, particularly in Asia and Africa.


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