Broadband Internet UK launches new broadband comparison site

September 2, 2016

Price comparison site, Broadband Internet UK, yesterday launched a service that compares the mobile broadband tariffs offered by different networks.

The service was set up in response to the increased demand in the UK for mobile broadband coupled with a confusing level of choice between services.

British consumers are finding themselves increasingly bombarded with choice when it comes to selecting mobile broadband, with network operators and retailers offering a number of different packages.

At the same time, sales of dongles have risen significantly from 69,000 per month in February 2016 to 133,000 per month in June 2016.

Visitors to the price comparison site can compare pay monthly, pay as you go, and business mobile broadband.

As well as comparing price, the site offers users comparisons between broadband speed, monthly download limits, set up costs, first year costs, and whether or not the service comes with a free laptop or netbook.

However, the service doesn’t currently allow users to compare how much of the UK is covered by each mobile broadband service, or which provider offers users the most up-to-date technology.


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