Humber Lifeboat digs trench and installs own broadband

August 20, 2017

Some people say that if you want something done right, you have to do it yourself.

Others go by the motto that those who help themselves see a greater reward.

In the case of the Royal National Lifeboat Association both of these old adages ring true.

The small lifeguard crew in Humber, was told by BT that they did not have enough commercial viability to provide broadband access to them.

So, instead of waiting around for a time when broadband may reach their area, the lifeguard crew installed a fibre optic line that runs at 100Mbps.

They sought help from Fibrestream, due to a longstanding relationship with each other, for aid with access through the cable.

The result, the Royal National Lifeboat Association in Humber now has broadband access that allows it to report instantly if an incident occurs offshore, and it’s not just any old connection, it is one that is possibly faster than most urban area connections.

Simon Davison of Fibrestream said that the company used fibre to help distribute bandwidth to the area because it can pick and choose technologies to fit each individual consumer, unlike larger providers.

The project goes to show that there are two types of internet consumers in the world, those who sit and gripe about slow speeds and low connectivity, and thus who simply take matters into their own hands and build their own.


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