Johansson: Future of telecoms is a complicated ecology of hybrid technologies

March 5, 2016

Stefan Johansson, president of Ericsson Taiwan, spoke at a press conference yesterday about the future ‘complicated ecology’ that information and communication technology (ICT) is likely to develop into. Johansson pointed out that as company’s like Google and Apple encroach on the communications sector, ICT is likely to become increasingly hybridised as a mixed ecology of telecom, Internet, media and entertainment (TIME) industries emerges.

Johansson also noted that telecom carriers are subject to increasingly strong competition from other industries, and said that to ensure survival companies will have to integrate resources, seek cooperation, and minimize operating costs through IMS (IP multimedia subsystem) platforms.

As global telecom systems develops, Johansson believes that wireless networks will be used for access to mobile TV, the internet and voice communications, whilst fixed line networks will be used to access the internet and IP television.

Johansson added that although Ericsson does not supply WiMAX base station equipment, the company will be providing other solutions related to WiMAX.


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